What Sets Uncle Lee’s Apart?

For over 50 years, Uncle Lee’s has played a pivotal role in bringing eastern teas to the West. In that time, tea consumption has grown exponentially in North America. Today, consumers have endless options to choose from but not all teas are created alike. Bottled beverages are often loaded with sugar, negating any of the usual health benefits. While many bagged teas, meanwhile, are cheaper quality ingredients and artificial, sprayed-on flavors.

We do things a little differently here at Uncle Lee’s. Simply put, we care about quality. Not only “Organic” is our pursuit but we strive for using the best quality ingredients and skillful blends to separate us from the others. That means cultivating our teas in a thoughtful, healthy, and sustainable manner. Through a careful process of harvesting, fermentation, and distribution, we maintain natural characteristics that have been enjoyed for generations. We even offer whole tea leaves for maximum flavor and health benefits.

All these elements come together to create a difference you can taste.
"Uncle Lee's Farm in China"