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Bring The Simple Ceremony Back Into Your Life Uncle Lee's Tea Inc. is a North American based tea company established in 1988. We work closely with the largest and best known tea manufacturing and processing networks throughout the world. Our manufacturing and distribution networks consist of numerous tea factories and more than 1,000 retail stores throughout the regions of Asia and North America. Owned and operated by the third generation of tea producers, Uncle Lee's maintains the tradition of offering some of the best quality tea to discriminating drinkers around the globe. Many probably do not know, but we are the first tea maker to introduce Green Tea to the North American market, and have specialized in the tea manufacturing business for over half a century. Many people are now becoming aware of all the benefits of Green Tea, and you should start too!

"When it comes to Green Tea, no one knows better than Uncle Lee's!"

Introducing Uncle Lee's Organic Bamboo Teas, Nature At Its Best.

Available in the following flavors:

 Original Flavor      Mint Flavor      Lemon Ginger Flavor      Hibiscus Flavor      Exotic Fruit Flavor

Welcome to the world of Bamboo Teas! For hundreds of years bamboo leaves have been used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines. Not only is it a sustainable crop, it can be used to make a tea that is actually good for your health! Bamboo leaves have some of the highest concentrations of vegetable silica, the mineral that makes bamboo grass grow strong, tall and flexible. Silica is great for maintaining hair and nail health. Bamboo leaf tea also contains one gram of soluble fiber per 8oz cup of serving and it is a great source of micronutrients and antioxidants. The natural flavor of bamboo tea is sweet, complex and mildly grassy for a refreshing and light-weight tea! Our Bamboo Teas are always guaranteed to be certified organic and naturally caffeine-free, unlike many other commercially harvested bamboos made into teas by other makers. Organic means a healthier cup of bamboo tea for you, without all the modern toxic chemicals in the production process.

All-New Imperial Organic Teas

Available in the following flavors:

  Chamomile White Tea
  Cinnamon Rooibus Chai Tea
  Green Tea
  Oolong Tea
  Orange Ginger Rooibus Chai Tea
  Peppermint White Tea
  Pomegranate Green w/Mixed Berries
  Pu-Erh Tea
  Easy Night Herbal Tea
  Vanilla Rooibus Chai Tea
  Decaf Green Tea
  Green Tea w/Goji Berry Tea
  Green Tea w/Jasmine
  Green Tea w/Lemon Chai Tea
  Lemon Ginger Green Tea
  Caramel Rooibus Chai Tea
  Golden Turmeric Ginger Chai Tea

When you desire the highest level of organic quality in your tea cravings, we provide you with the all-new Imperial Organic line of tea products. Uncle Lee's Tea introduces an all-new experience in organic teas - Imperial Organic. With 15 new and familiar flavors of teas to choose from, you can be sure that enjoying a cup of tea of top organic quality does not mean you need to sacrifice taste. Just like almost all of our tea bag products, all Imperial Organic tea bags are air-tight wrapped to ensure that the 100% of the tea flavor is entrapped in each tea bag.

Introducing New Uncle Lee's Organic Whole Leaf Teas, Taste The Difference! Available in the following flavors:

  Organic Oolong
  Organic Green Tea
  Organic Dragon Well Green Tea
  Organic Green Tea with Jasmine
  Organic Oolong Tea with Ginseng
  Organic Japanese Sencha
  Organic Chinese White Tea High In Antioxidants Whether Hot or Iced! Low in Caffeine!

Don't you deserve the whole taste of that tea you love? So why not try our Organic Whole Leaf Teas to fully enjoy the taste? Only Uncle Lee's packs extra-large tea bags with whole leaves. This unique method means a higher-quality tea with more flavor and health benefits for you. Go ahead, try a cup for yourself and see the difference of Uncle Lee's Whole Leaf teas!

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 Body Slim Lemon Dieter Tea
 Organic Chai Green Tea with Lemon
 Body Slim Original Dieter Tea
 LC - (100 Bags) Organic Green Tea
 LC - (100 Bags) Organic White Tea
 Green Tea
 LC - (100 Bags) Green Tea
 Loose Green Tea
 Organic White Tea
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